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Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Hey y’all. Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately! Been busy with getting ready for our trip to Louisiana! Hudson and I fly out Friday and I’ve been scrambling to get everything ready!

This last weekend I ate a little gluten because of a party I went to and Mother’s Day! I definitely paid for it, I’m JUST feeling better.. It’s so important, even if you’re stressed, to take care of yourself. It’s keeps your energy levels high and improves your overall mood!! I don’t feel yucky now because I’ve been eating whole foods, drinking tons of water and exercising! It makes a huge difference.. Not only do I feel confident because I like how I look but I also feel GREAT. So eat your whole foods, folks! Drink tons of water and GET UP! Be active! Even if it’s chores around the house or just a little walk! ❤

Health Tips · Paleo · Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Health Tip – Snacks!

Since today is Thursday, figured I would throw out a quick tip since I missed Wednesday 🙂

Whether you work, are a stay at home mom, are a student or work full-time it is always a good idea to have healthy snacks around for the in-between meal cravings. Something as easy as a banana, apple or anything you can throw into a bag and carry around with you.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 8.05.24 AM

When I am having a salt craving my favorite snack is a handful of unsalted, raw almonds! They are incredibly healthy and delicious! (Out of all of the tree nuts they have the highest amount of protein) And a handful of grapes is what satisfies my sweet craving! (Especially frozen!!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 8.05.22 AM

It is actually better for your body to eat multiple times throughout the day – But that doesn’t mean you need to eat huge meals 5 times a day! Start with 3 healthy meals and two healthy snacks in-between and your body will thank you!

Eat WHOLE foods today! ♥

Health Tips · Paleo · Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Words of Wisdom Wednesday – Throwback – Defining Healthy

Hello my lovely followers! I got a notification that it’s my 1 year anniversary of starting my blog.. SO exciting!! Didn’t think this blog would go very far but it’s been an amazing experience, I’ve met many amazing people, done amazing things and learned even more about health on my journey to help OTHERS.

So I wanted to do a throwback of my FIRST post ever, because I think it’s a good one and many people didn’t get to see it since it was a whole year ago 😉 So here it goes – Thank you to everyone whose made this blog so rewarding and fun!

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.11.43 PM

Unfortunately, a lot of people fall for those commercials that claim their foods are made with “natural flavors” or have the most natural ingredients. But in reality they make them the first few ingredients and then add a ton of crap as “preservatives” at the end that makes it unhealthy. Healthy food is WHOLE foods – Real meat, fruits, vegetables. Foods that aren’t processed or come from a freezer.

All my life I had heard “Eating healthy is too expensive” and saw people eat unhealthy thinking that it was true, because.. It had to be right? Or else people wouldn’t be doing it.. And when you go to a fast food place the salad is usually more expensive than the fattening food. So you would assume that it is usually correct that healthy food is pricey.

But when you go into the store you notice that when you cut out all of the frozen food, chips, soda, bread, etc. that your bill really isn’t very high! For instance, my husband went to the grocery store today and found a TON of chicken on sale and came home with around 8 bags of fruits, vegetables and meats and it was only $48! We saved $30 with our King Soopers card. And now we’ll have meats to freeze to keep them from going bad and have food for quite a while!

Don’t believe the hype that you cannot eat healthy due to the price or that some foods are “healthy” because the commercial claims them to have natural ingredients in them. You catch on really quickly that if you want something that may not be a WHOLE food to look at the ingredients. We use coconut sugar, it is made solely from the coconut flower and is a non-refined sugar that the body can process easier. If you look at the ingredients it tells you just that, there aren’t long names that you cannot pronounce.

Foods make a lot of claims, you just need to know the trick to decided which is a gimmick and which is truly good for your body!:)

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Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Today – My words of wisdom wont be physical health related; All about mental health. I saw this today and it really turned my whole attitude around, hopefully it’ll someone else today too ❥


I am Grateful for..

  1. Early Wake-Ups = Children to Love
  2. House To Clean = Safe Place to Live
  3. Laundry = Clothes to Wear
  4. Dishes to Wash = Food to Eat
  5. Crumbs Under The Table = Family Meals ❥
  6. Grocery Shopping = $ To Provide for Us
  7. Toilets to Clean = Indoor Plumbing
  8. Lots of Noise = People In My Life
  9. Endless Questions About Homework = Kids’ Brains Growing
  10. Sore and Tired in Bed = I’m Still Alive! ❥

His first official selfie.. 😉

So today, Wednesday’s tip is to remind you to enjoy life and the little things. Be grateful for what you have. Make the most of today! ❥

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Words of Wisdom Wednesday!

Hey y’all! Was going back through my posts and came across one I still believe is such an important tip. So I am bringing back my weekly tips but changing them to Words of Wisdom Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 8.32.29 PM

If you haven’t been drinking a lot of water lately and are feeling a bit groggy during the day DON’T jump straight into coffee! Grab a water bottle, toss some lemon in it and drink up!! Coffee and tea are both diuretics meaning they promote urination (and pooping) which is NOT helpful to hydration!

Being hydrated is what keeps you energized and healthy – So why go to coffee for a very quick and temporary boost when water can leave you feeling amazing all day!! I recommend starting every morning with a warm glass of lemon water and then the rest of your day with either normal water or fruit infused water (Helps keep water appealing with the added flavor:) )